Chef Travy


Chef Travy started professionally cooking at a small kitchen in Reno, Nevada in 2006 and found a passion for making meals for people. With a new passion for cooking he enrolled in culinary school to start the path into becoming a professional chef.  Working his way up through the ranks in the restaurant industry he became an Executive Chef and now wants to bring restaurant quality cuisine to you and your family.

Chef Travy has taken his lessons from culinary school and real life experience to come up with his own set of techniques, using state of the art professional chef equipment to cook faster, hotter and better than a standard kitchen can offer. He specializes in Fine Italian Dining, and has a passion for Japanese fusion cuisine. He also loves experimenting, in his free time to bring those new flavors to you.

Meal Prep

Too busy with work, kids, or just don’t like don’t feel like cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping? Chef Travy can create a meal prep program for your dietary needs. He’ll do your grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning while leaving your home with a full fridge of ready to go delicious ready to eat meals. 

Chef Travy will stock you up with your own reusable glass storage containers he can fill weekly or bi-weekly. To reheat your meals is simple as 1, 2, 3. You can simply heat it up via microwave or oven, and enjoy it at work or home. Once you’re empty he is happy to refill your containers, keeping you on track with your diet or busy days! Feel like taking your dinners or brunch to the next level, hire Chef Travy for a private event.

Private Events

Special Occasions

Private Dinners



Private Meals

Celebrating a new promotion, graduation, a new milestone, anniversary, birthday or just because. Let Chef Travy elevate the occasion by catering your party with delicious custom meals, while you entertain your guests and just have fun! While chef Travy cooks, cleans, and is unobtrusive.   



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